Jahleh + Patrick = 11.1.2014


(n.) : a scruffy beach rat from Florida.


(n.) : a scruffier midwestern heartthrob from Michigan.

jahleh + patrick

= the sharpest looking tools in the shed.

how we got here...

a love story of epic proportions.


love at first sight? hail yes!

summer 2012

if i'm dreaming, don't wake(board) me up.

fall 2012

movin' on up, to the east side (...of ann arbor).

christmas 2012

i'm dreaming of a white (sand) christmas.

spring 2013

a wedding, some trapeze swinging, and some puppy cuddles.

summer 2013

summer lovin', had me a blast.

fall 2013

a pumpkin that would have made michelangelo proud.


now a gentleman AND a scholar.

christmas 2013

can't we just get a pre-cut tree?

west palm beach

we point and laugh at the polar vortex.


look at it. it's like...for real.